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Why Should We Get Kittens as Pets?

Kittens are and have always been adorable creatures. Of course, these youngsters are also playful, naughty and mischievous as well. Perhaps that's the reason why people are attracted to them, as they entertain us with their peculiar antics and curiosity. Cats and dogs have been found torelieve humans of stress and make great companions at home. Of course,choosing between a cat and a dog is totally a personal choice.

Why should we get akitten then? Well, for one thing, they are cute and adorable and areless active as compared to dogs. They recognize us as their masters butdo not overly show their enthusiasm like dogs. That's whythey make you work for their affection all the time, instead of theother way around.

Kittens are small in sizeand therefore easy to carry around. This makes it easy for you to takeyour cat around in your car or when you need to take your cat with yououtside. However, cats and kittens have tendencies to seek ways toescape from your home and therefore this may prove to a problem if yourcat keeps trying to make its way out of your house. With this, manyowners let their cats roam in and out of their houses, and most of thetime, their pets return home on time for dinner. Sometimes, they evenbring home their own prey for dinner.

Kittens and cats burytheir own waste in the sand box, so that you don't have totake after them, unlike dogs. They can be trained to use the sand boxwhich you just need to have a change of sand once in a while. On theother hand, kittens also each much less than dogs, and therefore costless in maintenance. They are usually non-aggressive, and will be lesslikely to bite anyone. However, they may get irritated with humanbehavior and sometimes may want to be left alone. With this, they canscratch with their sharp claws if they are not happy.

Kittens can't be trainedbe trained. They just won't listen. That is why you will notneed to send your cat to cat school to be trained. This will also meanthat you don't have to spend money getting your cat trained.Cats and kittens also do not bark and therefore are suitable forapartment or condominiums where they won't even wake up theneighbours.

One thing about cats istheir nature to wander around their neighborhood which may get theminto trouble sometimes. With this, they may get knocked down by a caror be involved in accidents. Apart from this, cats also can get sick,especially when they wander outside and eat material from outside thehome. You will then need to pay for your cat's medical bills,although it will not cost you as much if you were to have a dog.

Finally, kittens do notneed you to exercise them like dogs. They don't need to betaken out for walks and they don't make demands on you aswell. They live their own lives, but do need to be pat once in a while.If you are a cat person, you will definitely understand them! Look atthe adorablecute little kittens and cats!

Mary Majorda of California has lived along with kittens since as longas she can remember. She got her 1st kitten at the age of 2 as abirthday gift from her dad and since then she hasn't partedfrom cats and kittens. Besides having a family of a husband, 2 kids and4 kittens, her love for them has pursued her to become a vet.

Facts About Rottweilers
Looking for some quick Rottweiler dog facts? Here's a quick rundown of basics facts about Rottweilers.Vital Stats:Colour: Black with distinctive tan markings over cheeks, muzzle, chest and legs as well as over both eyesCoat: straight, coarse and of medium length.
How Cats With Feline Diabetes Can Lead A Happy Life
"Your cat has feline diabetes." If this is your vet's message after examining your beloved friend, it will come as a shock.
Protecting the Smallest Member of Your Family: A Step-by-step Guide to Pet Insurance
Let's face it - Fido and Fluffy are an important part of your family. Do you want to have to assign a dollar value to them if they become sick or injured?That may well be the case if you don't have pet health insurance.
West Highland White Terriers- Fascinating Facts
West Highland White Terriers began their history as the undesirable white offspring of the dark-colored Cairn Terrier. With the dog's popularity today, it is hard to believe that the early Westies were usually drowned or shot.
Doggie Day Care is an Awesome Alternative
Doggie day care is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. This is mainly due to the fact that there are so many dogs all around the world and people are looking for a good alternative to the routine trip to the kennel.
Pet Vitamin Supplements - Whether You Need One and How to Choose One
Vitamins Can Increase Your Dog's Life Span!There is evidence to suggest that a good vitamin supplement for your dog not only helps prevent, improve or cure many degenerative type illnesses and disease, but may actually lengthen your dog's life span. Really!This is particularly the indication if you supplement with vitamins while your dog is young and healthy, rather than waiting for your dog to get sick or show the usual signs of aging and degeneration.
The Background and Use of Clicker Training For Dogs
Presently, and throughout the 1990s a phenomena swept through the dog-lover's community. It was called "Clicker Training," and was implemented to teach dogs (along with horses and cats) that certain behaviors would be awarded, while others were not.
Determining Skin Disorders In The Aquarium
Many different skin problems can arise in the aquarium. thankfully, through careful observation on a daily basis, they can be diagnosed and treated.
Biting & Nipping Behavior Can Kill Your Dog!
Dog bite injuries are alarmingly the most common condition that we human suffer from as a result of contact with dogs. In the United States alone, there are between 1-2 million people bitten by dogs each year.
Which Parrot is Right For Me?
Which parrot is right for me? This is a question that you must ask yourself before you think of keeping these lovely birds as pets. It is as important as your decision to have a child.
Crate Training Tips: How to Crate Train Your Dog
A crate is a valuable and useful training tool. Its main purpose is to provide security, safety and protection for short term confinement while training a puppy or new dog about its own and house boundaries.
Our Pets Behavior
Behavior can be a huge iisue with our pets. If each dog and cat owner in the United States took the time to understand the root of their animals'behavioral issues, our animal shelters would be substantially less populated with strays.
The Dreaded Vet Visit: 5 Ways to Comfort Your Dog
Uh-oh, it's that time again. The dreaded vet visit, and Barkley will be whimpering all the way.
Benny Comes Back!
This has been one of the most rewarding adventures I have ever volunteered to do. First, let me tell you just a little bit about my two dogs, a short little Bio on each.
Your Kids Want a Pet, You Dont Want To Pet Anything
"Mom, can we get a puppy?" Who hasn't heard that line before? The kids think it's time for an addition to the family, but you know you don't have time for a family pet.We've got the perfect solution to make everyone happy!!Hermit Crabs!!Now before you start to panic because you just heard the word "crab", just listen! They're not that bad.
Is Pet Insurance Right For Your Pet?
Trying to decide if you should get insurance on your pet? There are of course pro's and con's to it. Years ago I decided to try it out.
Agility Training For Dogs
Without agility, the most muscular person in the world couldn't win a fight against a fifth-grader. But did you know that for a dog agility is possibly even more important? With so many of a dog's happiest moments spent running, jumping, catching, and stretching, dog agility training can really help dogs age gracefully and happily.
Does Your Dog Miss You Too Much?
Your dog seems to be driving you up the wall lately, exhibiting serious behavior problems -- and no amount of verbal correction seems to work. She chews the furniture, gnaws on shoes, turns over the trash cans, howls and barks when you're not around, or even seems really depressed when you come home.
Herbs For Your Dog
Herbology, basically, is the use of herbs in the treatment of many types of illness. Herein the emphasis of treatment is based strongly on the specific use of herbal roots, flowers and leaves to stimulate the healing process.
Using Electrolytes to Avoid Equine Dehydration
For heat dissipation and body cooling, a horse trotting at 11.2 mph loses about 3.'s Free! Pet Classified Ads
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