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DOG ID TAGS-Identify and Protect Your Dog With Any of These Methods

The American Humane Society estimated that last yearalone; fifteen million dogs entered its shelters. Not eventwenty percent of these dogs' owners were ever contacted.They had no identification. It only proves that no matterhow much you love your dog, no matter how much youspend on training and no matter many measures you take toensure your pet's happiness; it could all go down the drain ifyour pet is ever recovered away from home without properidentification.

One of the first forms of identification is a simple collar tagthat clearly marks that he has been vaccinated against rabies.This tag, often linked to a serial number and a veterinaryclinic, may link the serial number to the owner. Also, it willshow that someone has taken care of the animal and that it isnot just a "stray".

Your animal should wear another tag that (at a minimum)clearly states the name, family name, address and phonenumber of the owner. If there is room, the tag should alsocontain the name and phone number of your veterinaryclinic, which will also try contacting you if your dog is incustody. These tags should be replaced every year to ensurereadability from ware.

To find some great ID tags for your dog, visit our site here: option is to get your dog a tattoo. Not that he willhave to gear-up in leather, because you can have the tattooput in its usual location-under an earflap or underneathone of its legs. The tattoo will cause your dog some initialdiscomfort, but it's for his safety. Shelters and otherorganizations know that many pets are tattooed with a serialnumber that will lead to the owner's identification. You canregister the pet's number to the American Kennel Club ifyour dog is a purebred. They will work on your behalf tolocate the animal if it's ever lost.

One other option, growing in popularity, is a microchip(about the size of a grain of rice) injected underneath thepooches' first few layers of skin. An infrared computer thatwill give any pertinent information can then scan thismicrochip. It may reveal a serial number, like the tattoo, oreven give the identity of the dog and its owner that anyshelter, vet or humane society can use to contact you.

When the chip is inserted, it won't hurt your pet, such as atattoo might. It's injected with a hypodermic needle andready for immediate use. Once underneath the skin, theinformation stored on the tag can be updated and changeddepending on your pet's medical history and condition.

When it comes to your puppy or dog, two types ofidentification should be enough. However, the more thebetter. If a regular person picks up your dog, he or she willat least be able to read the tag and hopefully call you. If thedog's collar is missing, maybe that person won't know tolook for a tattoo, but a vet or shelter will for sure.Again, this is just one of many things you can do to ensure asafe and happy life for your pet-especially so that your petremains with you! Puppies and dogs are lost everyday.

There's a high chance that yours will eventually wonder offtoo. So, instead of fretting, pay a little bit of money for peace of mind knowing that your dog will be prepared andidentifiable in a big, and perhaps now, not so scary world!

About the Author:
Tina Spriggs is an expert dog lover whose lifelong interest in canines provides the motivation for her site. To learn more about dogs or to find gifts and toys for them visit her site at Dog Gifts and Toys for Dog Lovers.

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