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Spaying or Nuetering Your Dog-Get The Facts... Be Responsible

Bringing a new puppy or dog home is a huge commitmentand a three-fold responsibility. You now have a commitmentto your dog, yourself, and to your community. Spaying orneutering your pet is just another responsibility that youmust think about when bringing a puppy or dog into yourhome. And, if you've already brought one home, the time tostart thinking about you and your pet's future together isnow.

Unless you are a professional breeder, there is no reason notto have your dog spayed or neutered. Let's take a look,quickly, at the differences of each.

Spaying vs. neutering
A female dog is spayed and a male is neutered. Theoperation is a removal of the animal's reproductive organs.The operation tends to be a little more expensive for femaledogs as the veterinarian has to make an incision and sew upthe animal's lower abdomen. In a male dog, however, thescrotum is opened and the reproductive organs are removed.The operation is also a little quicker for male dogs. The ageand health of your dog will cause recovery time to vary.

A long time ago in the United States, older dogs were theonly one's spayed or neutered as they had a greater chanceof survival than puppies. However, with advances insterilization, the operation is usually done when a puppy isaround six months of age. Some veterinarians will do theoperation a little sooner, around three to five months. Olderdogs can also be spayed or neutered, but you should talk toyour vet about the appropriate time, especially for femaledogs. The operation should occur well after a heat cycle(Estrus).

There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your dog.Female dogs undergo a heat cycle for six or seven days,three times per year. While female dogs, unlike cats, remainsomewhat controllable during Estrus, it will save youheadaches, clean up, and every male dog in theneighborhood coming over for a visit to your front yard.Spayed or neutered pets live longer, happier and healthierlives. Spayed dogs (females) have no chance at developinguterine or ovarian cancer, as these organs have beenremoved. Studies show that spayed animals have a lesslikely chance of developing breast cancer.

Neutered dogs (males) are less likely to wander off andexplore. The dog will also be less aggressive in his play orwhen outside on his own. He will not play as rough, norwill he bite as often. This, of course, all depends upon thetraining your dog receives as well.

Spayed or neutered dogs tend to be more affectionate andloving. They usually display calmer temperaments and aremore enjoyable to play with and be around. Neutered petsare less likely to urinate on every tree or post they pass.Does it cause weight gain?

Some people believe that spayed or neutered animals tend tohave problems with weight gain. While spayed or neuteredanimals tend to be more docile, there is no relationship withthe surgery and weight gain. In other words, it all dependsupon proper playtime (exercise) and diet, not whether yourpet is spayed or neutered.

There are many places that you can contact regardinginformation or to schedule an appointment for your dog.Contact an animal shelter, your vet or contact SPAY USA.There are grants and monies available for those who maynot have the funds to pay for all of the surgery.The responsibility rests with you. This small step will meana more fulfilling life for you, your dog and not to mention,for your community.

About the Author:
Tina Spriggs is an expert dog lover whose lifelong interest in canines provides the motivation for her site. To learn more about dogs or to find gifts and toys for them visit her site at Dog Gifts and Toys for Dog Lovers.

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